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Technical data

Track size (one track / two tracks / three tracks / unlimited number of tracks possible)
79 mm / 174 mm / 269 mm
3.11 in / 6.85 in / 10.59 in
Interlocking profile face width
25 mm / 33 mm
0.98 in / 1.29 in
Frame face width
60 mm / 70 mm
2.36 in / 2.76 in
Thickness of the glass
48 mm–58 mm
1.98 in–2.28 in
Max. sash sizes fixed element / sliding element
18 m² / 12 m²
193,7ft² / 129,1ft²
Thermal performance
≥ Uw 0.68 W/(m²K)
≥ Uw 0.12 Btu/(h.ft².F)

System features by amadeus. Freedom of choice concerning shape, size and design.

Sill detail

The hidden drainage allows a barrier-free crossing from the inside to the outside area. The pre-assembled drainage profile offers an easy connection to the gutter, a perfect fit to the structure. The drainage is hidden underneath the outer floor, thus constitutes no optical impediment.

Head detail

The upper frame will be installed flush with the ceiling. And since all frames of the sliding elements are hidden in the frame structure a limitless view is achieved.

Jamb detail of a fixed element

The lateral frame will be installed flush to the wall. Even the fixed elements are invisible due to the in-frame position of the binding section. Due to the size of the glass front there is a seemingly invisible transition between the inside and the outside.

Opening variants

Opening variants with two tracks, three tracks, with a corner, a pocket or multirails. Everything is possible.

Interlocking profile and Bilateral interlocks

Besides amadeus‘ fine shape, we develop performance to the highest degree, even with the smallest interlocks for the connection between the sliding elements. Obviously we develop the same high performance for the bilateral interlocks to achieve more variants.


You can choose from variations of glass in thickness, size and coating, based on your requirements.

Whatever you desire

How can we combine functionality, shape and beauty? Our systems are personalized and individually based on our customers‘ demands. From the idea to the design to the finished product.

Two-point lock

The standard locking mechanism is going to be controlled manually and shifts two counter-rotating bars in the upper and lower shaft sleeves. This also enables a controlled ventilation. The locking system is integrated into the handle or interlocking profile and can be moved with an ergonomic handle.


Part of the individual options are for instance different handles available from the amadeus catalogue. It is also possible to modify these according to your wishes. Or even design new ones following your individual specifications.


Should you have oversized sliding elements, you may choose a motorization that can be used via a remote control or a sensor on the wall. It makes sense to install motors with sash weights of 650 kg, 1.433 lb or more and sash widths from 2700 mm / 106.3 in.

Electronic locking system

Should you want to lock electronically, we will realize this option for you. And if you have a home security system, you can also connect the two in order to gain maximum control of your security.

Invisible Insect Screen

To gain the maximum of enjoyment and natural ventilation, based on a design product, we have developed a unique integrated screen solution. It is not only made of fiberglass and has an outstanding color. These dimensions of 4000 mm / 157.5 in height as well as 1500 mm / 59.1 in width are only achieveable with the amadeus insect screen. 


To avoid overheating your living room in spite of the large glass fronts, we offer shading systems than can be customized to your requirements.

amadeus certificates

Precision is key. Our accuracy ensures that only a perfect amadeus leaves the factory.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
CE certificate
CE certificate
EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211
EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211
Heat transfer
Heat transfer
Thermal Performance
Thermal Performance
NFRC certified
NFRC certified

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Architects on amadeus

»The boundary between inside and outside is eliminated thanks to the extensive amadeus elements with continuous floor covering and a sense of space and elegance is created.«
Dipl. Ing. Zoran Bodrozic Dipl. Ing. Zoran Bodrozic
»The Japanese design approach consists of linking outdoor with indoor space so that it becomes at one with nature. amadeus makes that possible.«
Yoichi Furukawa, Nikken Sekkei Ltd Yoichi Furukawa, Nikken Sekkei Ltd
»amadeus offers unique views thanks to its slender profile and fits in beautifully with the overall design of modern architecture.«
Dipl. Ing. Kristina Grandits-Mäser Dipl. Ing. Kristina Grandits-Mäser

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