amadeus Sliding Doors

Slide everything you have ever experienced aside.

And let yourself be inspired by elegance and the individuality that accompanies it. From timeless design and the awareness that connections are one of the most beautiful things we can experience in life. amadeus is the high-class product among sliding doors.

amadeus makes the invisible irresistible. amadeus touches, opens up, expands.

The advantages of amadeus sliding elements


amadeus’ slim and frameless sliding elements give the house a floating appearance.


The sliding elements are individually designed according to our customer’s wishes. Heights of up to 6m are possible.


The features are also individual. Motorization, insect and sun protection as well as automated opening processes can be realized.


Handles can be selected from our assortment or custom-made.


The barrier-free transition of amadeus connects you to the nature outside. amadeus gives you the feeling your possibilities are unlimited.

Delivery time

On-schedule delivery is standard for amadeus It occurs promptly and punctually. Because reliability is our strength.


Requested. Life with amadeus.

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amadeus - What connects us


Highest quality is much more than a nice catchword. It is our promise to you.

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Architects on amadeus

»The boundary between inside and outside is eliminated thanks to the extensive amadeus elements with continuous floor covering and a sense of space and elegance is created.«
Dipl. Ing. Zoran Bodrozic Dipl. Ing. Zoran Bodrozic
»The Japanese design approach consists of linking outdoor with indoor space so that it becomes at one with nature. amadeus makes that possible.«
Yoichi Furukawa, Nikken Sekkei Ltd Yoichi Furukawa, Nikken Sekkei Ltd
»amadeus offers unique views thanks to its slender profile and fits in beautifully with the overall design of modern architecture.«
Dipl. Ing. Kristina Grandits-Mäser Dipl. Ing. Kristina Grandits-Mäser

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