Because every
innovation once started
with a thought

amadeus by Amari. Amari was founded in 1969. Since then, the company has continued its development, was strengthened in many areas and newly formed others. The courage to go our own way has made Amari the qualitative industrial leader.

From the wholesale trade of aluminum parts to becoming a forerunner of innovative aluminum solutions. The material is light, shapes well and is stable at the same time. Facade engineering with aluminum constructions is an essential area. Amari has been an important partner for many renowned construction projects worldwide. With decades of experience, Amari has cast a new dimension with amadeus: sturdy and slim aluminum frames, the highest-quality glass and a cutting-edge design. 

Without aluminum no airplane could fly and no human would have ever landed on the moon. Even these things only succeeded because
someone once had a vision. And made it a reality.

We build a connection

We are looking forward to meeting you. Because we enjoy working with people, listening to and understanding them – win-win is the principle of our business ethics.

amadeus by Amari
What connects us

Good ideas. How can we make them happen together? We connect functionality, form and beauty. Combined with your individuality in design. Together.

amadeus - What connects us
Turning words into performance and success

Our ideas and plans are the basis for making it happen. We move into production and combine design and functionality. The result is your own individual masterpiece. User-friendly, secure and soundproof.

amadeus - Turning words into performance and success
And it all comes together

Perfectly installed, amadeus takes the place it was created for. amadeus is so well integrated, that it blends into the room. It creates a connection between inside and out. Invisible and irresistible. amadeus. You are finally home.

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