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Unique living concept

Private Villa in Vienna, Austria
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Make a connection and expand your living space

This extraordinary project is found on the outskirts of Vienna. The unique architecture creates an impressive connection between two residential units. A large number of spacious, sliding amadeus elements opening in the corner both illuminate the living space and create a seamless and smooth transition to the outside areas. amadeus does not separate space, instead it expands it to create a unique home environment.

Thanks to the anodised surfaces, the exclusive sliding elements remain persistently stunning, even near the pool.

Vienna, Austria
Private residence
Architect: Zoran Bodrozic
RobertNiederl Photography

Statement of Architect

»A wellness oasis was created to the north of Vienna. The ceiling-high amadeus sliding elements played a key role in this.«

A residential block and pool house, linked by a roof element, feature in a clear and simple form. The amadeus elements play a key role in this. The glazing connects both properties during the cold season thanks to its unhindered transparency while also enabling optimal openness in summer. The free corners and south-facing fronts with ceiling-high sliding elements allow inside and outside to blend together, forming a barrier-free platform for everyday living. Small yet large – all at the same time. A home and a holiday – all in the same place.

Dipl. Ing. Zoran Bodrozic Dipl. Ing. Zoran Bodrozic

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